On-Site Training

What We Can Provide

Our on-site training is offered through our Home Ventilator Assessment, Training and Follow-Up Program. This is a 4-6 week inpatient program that provides training to individuals and their caregivers, in the management of ventilator and other personal care needs. Regular follow-up is an opportunity to re-evaluate baseline respiratory function, the effectiveness of the ventilatory support and also to assist with any new medical or social issues.

Home Ventilator Training is not a certification process for any Controlled Act as described in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. It is intended as an opportunity for consumers, families, caregivers and community support service providers to gain a shared understanding of the care required in a common language so that safe and appropriate care can be provided and misunderstandings minimized. The training can be provided on site at West Park Healthcare Centre or in the community as required.


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For more information, or to make a referral, contact us at: (416) 243-3600 ext 2161.