Services We Provide

We offer the following programs that serve ventilator assisted individuals:

Home Ventilation Assessment, Training and Follow-Up (Including Transitional Home Ventilation Program)


Provides training to individuals and their caregivers, in the management of ventilator and other personal care needs. Regular follow-up is an opportunity to re-evaluate baseline respiratory function, the effectiveness of the ventilatory support and also to assist with any new medical or social issues. The typical length of stay is 6 weeks or less and is geared toward those individuals with an identified discharge location.


For individuals requiring a longer length of stay or help in identifying / organizing community supports, the Transitional Home Ventilation Program (in partnership with the Central LHIN) will allow for a length of stay of 16 weeks.


Follow up can arranged via inpatient stay or may include Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) secure video conferencing services.


Gage Transition to Independent Living


For individuals who wish to learn life skills that will allow them to live independently in the community, directing their own care. Located at our Merton Street site in midtown Toronto, this program accommodates up to 10 individuals.


Chronic Assisted Ventilatory Care


A 30-bed long-term ventilation program for individuals who require residential care. In addition to meeting their needs, we assist the residents in developing the skills to plan and direct their own care.


Enhanced Living Unit (ELU)


A 6 bed long-term ventilation program for patients that are unable to live in the community but do not require the level of care that our CAVC Unit provides.  It utilizes a combination of regulated and non-regulated healthcare staff to provide care.