Introduction to Long Term Mechanical Ventilation (Invasive)
For people who have an interest in learning more about invasive ventilation including individuals with respiratory impairment, their family and caregivers. (Module WPH004)

Module Goals and Description

This module is designed to assist individuals who are invasively ventilated and their caregivers. Upon completion of this module, you should beable to:

  • List some of the reasons why people need to be mechanically ventilated
  • Identify various components of the ventilator
  • Identify various components of the ventilator circuit
  • Troubleshoot ventilator alarms

After completing this module, there will be an interactive quiz to help reinforce key concepts.

Certificate Printing

Due to recent security changes in Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers, if you wish to print your completion certificate you must press the “print screen” button on your keyboard and paste the image into a word processor or graphs program  (such as Microsoft Word or Photoshop) to print.  Alternatively you may use a screen capture tool such as Greenshot and use the print option.

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